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Canadian Blood Services

Donor Concierge Check-in Screens

In the beginning months of COVID-19, an initiative from the board members at Canadian Blood Services arose, and the wish to thank our front-line workers for their hard work and dedication to Canada's Lifeline became a reality.


As the video lead and brand representative for this project, I worked alongside the communications department. We brainstormed ideas and concepts for this video, set video guidelines, and wrote tips and tricks on how to record with a cellphone (Apple and Android alike). I served as a key contact for troubleshooting, gave a general topic and timeframe to follow, and submitted this document to our board members.

In the span of a few days, we received about a dozen videos. The challenge was now in my hands: how do I flow each person's heartfelt words of thanks in under two minutes? What to capture and highlight? What visual clues should pair with the audio? Two days later, a couple of sketches and draft revisions from our CEO later, came this final video.

See testimonials below!

Client Testimonials

Moira M.

Sara, this is beautiful!! Absolutely the right sentiment — authentic and heartfelt.

Lynn V.

Kudos to team marketing for your collective talents, and KUDOS Sara! A true MarCom collab on this great work. 

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